DisruptivePlay specialises in event-based, collaborative learning.

We work with governments, social movements and tomorrow’s leaders to shape more 
human ways for organisations to create enduring value in their promises, processes and people.


About us

We’re global strategists, futuristic idealists, cultural linguists, creative venturists, meaning-making humorists, structured processists, open minded interpretivists, playful constructionists, purposeful innovation and serious play specialists with a passion for co-creating emotional belonging and transformational change in people and brands.

Our growing team are experienced dialogue partners, public speakers and facilitators that work with clients to build strategies for democratic innovation systems, brand futures, open source-, lead user innovation and co-creation.

A significant proportion of our focus is developing social to profit organisations, working with either funded start-ups, government initiatives or strategic arms of a business wanting to do good. Key areas of specialty: Building ideation and innovation thinking for sustainable and purposeful growth, Programme and project management, Business Transformation, Brand-led decision-making, Critical thinking, Strategy in the making, Outside-in innovation, Playful collaborative learning, Youth Development, Public Engagement, Strategic marketing and communications, Product and experience design, organisational design for open lead user innovation.

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